2003 Site Updates

Dec 11 Version 2.3.6 Cumulative Vegas scoring bug fixed (Thanks Fred White)
Nov 5 Version 2.3.5 Redealing in Pyramid (without right clicking) fixed
Nov 4 Versions 2.3.4, 2.3.3, 2.3.2 - AWT functions (which aren't documented as possibly returning null) in Card drawing routines checked for null return values.
Nov 3 Version 2.3.1 uploaded. Several minor changes and bug fixes, most notably double-clicking in Forty Thieves should now be fixed.

The previous version is now available. Several people are having problems with the new version which I am unable to reproduce, most notably Forty Thieves not working on Macintosh.

October 31 Default animation speed increased.
October 30 Unanimated games (current version) index added
October 29 Version 2.3.0, featuring animated card movements, is uploaded. The speed of the animations can be varied (or turned off completely) in the Misc. options panel. If 2.3.0 has problems, the previous version can be played using the fixed size games. Animations are turned off by default on slow computers. Version 2.3 will be used in the fixed size and offline versions after its bugs have been fixed.

2.3 has some other minor changes, most notably the bug report panel in the Help Dialog.

August 21 New email address - solitaire@idiotsdelight.net Old address is currently unusable due to garbage from sobig virus.
April 18 Site transferred to new web host The new host will more than triple my bandwidth for just $2/month more than I am currently paying.
April 3 Bug fix for canfield fixed.
April 2 Bugs fixed in canfield and accordion. Move to empty reserve option added in canfield.
March 24 Host has made me drop statistics due to excessive CGI usage
March 14 Version 2.2.1, having statistics and web images, made the standard version. PHP code uploaded to simplify page creation for games and facilitate having several versions of the games. A game which crashes should (hopefully) send the moves preceding the crash to the server for debugging. The signed version is no longer needed or supported, but the bookmarks to it should still work.
March 4 Beta for version 2.2 released which records statistics for all games on the server and can load a background image from the web. A bug fix was also (hopefully) made preventing suit symbol graphics from being displayed before initialization.
February 20 Offline version for JSolitaire 2 available
February 19 Home page reworked by removing screen captures and changing font. Captures are still available.

Options and 7 variations for Forty Thieves added. Automoves fixed for forty thieves.

Two new options added to Canfield

Some bug fixes and internal improvements.

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