JSolitaire Downloads

Current Version

jsolitaire2.1.1.zip 6 games: FreeCell, Klondike, Spider, Canfield, Yukon and Pyramid with background tiles (but not photographs) included (234K) (released 2003/02/20)

Old Versions

Class & HTML files for all applets (enabling offline play) (Version 1.09, released 2001/06/27)
jsol-classes.1.09b.zip (176K)
jsol-classes.1.09b.tar.gz (117K)
jsol-classes.1.09b.exe Self-extracting archive (for Windows) (250K)
Source code for all games on this site
jsol-source.1.09b.zip DOS format (CR/LF) (120K)
jsol-source.1.09b.tar.gz Unix format (LFs only) (97K)
Klondike for Perl (text mode)
klondike.pl The "progenitor" of this site. Requires a Perl interpreter and an ANSI compatible terminal. (17K) See comments at start of file for more info.

Installing JSolitaire

After downloading a jsolitaire archive, expand it so its directory structure is restored. (If you are unsure how to do this, the self-extracting archive will set up the directories automatically.) If the archive is expanded correctly, the jsolitaire subdirectory will be created.

To play the games, start the web browser and open the file index.html in the directory where the archive was decompressed.

Building JSolitaire

(For the following examples, replace javac with the compiler's name if another compiler is used)

After decompressing a source archive, begin a command-line session and move to the directory where the archive was expanded. In Windows, typing:

buildall.bat javac

will build all the games. In Unix, all games in the package can be built in one step by typing:

javac jsolitaire/*/*.java

To build an individual game type:

javac jsolitaire/#game#/*.java

replacing #game# with the name of the subdirectory containing the desired game.

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