1999-2000 Site Updates

July 7 New versions of the games have been updated. The games lack documentation for the new features and have not been fully tested and polished, so they will not replace the applets on the main page until they are complete.
April 4 Redirected ~apipkin/ site to www.idiotsdelight.net, which should be easier to remember than the previous URL. The old URLs should continue to work without an annoying "This page has been moved" message for at least another month.
April 3 Divided .jar files into shared & game-specific classes which should reduce startup time if multiple games are played
April 2 Added links page
March 29 Added tar.gz and self-extracting .exe archives for classes
March 23 Added zip file for classes
March 21 Made piles look more 3-D and fixed bug in Canfield (Thanks Jerry Ploof)
March 17 Added Pyramid and Calculation. Added right-clicking to Klondike, Canfield and Golf.
March 13 Klondike for Perl uploaded

March 11 Redid main page

March 8 The site was retitled to Idiot's Delight and some graphics were added to the home page. Look for this site at idiotsdelight.net in the not too distant future (or whenever my ISP evicts me from their server, whichever comes first.)
Feb 28 A creepy-crawly update with the addition of Spider and Scorpion to the site. Also, some minor bugs were fixed.
Feb 12 Fixed "misinterpretation" of Flower Garden rules. Stacks can accept any suit in descending order and do not have to be in alternating colors.
Feb 10 Added game descriptions. Also fixed minor bug in Shamrocks.
Feb 8 Four new games: Beleaguered Castle, Shamrocks, King Albert and Flower Garden. Also added starting suit stack rank option to Klondike, FreeCell and Yukon.
Jan 23 Added options to Klondike, Canfield, Yukon and Golf.
Jan 17 Added options to FreeCell
Jan 13 Added Canfield, Golf, Clock and Yukon solitaires
Jan 4 Modified games to work in Java 1.0 browsers. Also added limited cheat capability to FreeCell
Dec 24 A few cosmetic changes made such as rounded corners and a "ghost" card appearing in an empty suit stack. Source code to all games put in a single archive file.
Dec 3 Offical opening of the site