Online Gaming Nice collection of Java and Shockwave games
  Web Games City Over 1000 online games and puzzles Online versions of TV game shows, trivia contests & more
  Yahoo! Games Card, board & other multi-player games
  Webby Games games
MSN Gaming Zone


  Solitaire Central The best all-around solitaire site on the web Another good solitaire site
  NetCell A nice FreeCell applet which saves high scores & winning streaks
  FreeCell FAQ All you ever wanted to know about FreeCell, by Michael Keller Links and Information about FreeCell
  Pretty Good Solitaire Shareware collection of 320 games with online instructions
  ZDNet Card Games downloadable card games for Windows


  The Java Boutique Applet directory and programming tutorials The Java applet rating service Free applets, tutorials & online books
  Gamelan Java tutorials & code
  Jikes A very fast, freely availabe Java compiler from IBM research Ports of the JDK to Linux
  JavaWorld Articles from the magazine & more
  JavaSoft Sun's official Java site

Misc. Free Software

  Jed Programmer's editor with modes for Java, C, HTML
  Info-ZIP Freely available, highly portable replacement for WinZip and PKZIP Announcement service for Linux developers

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