Support / FAQ

The following page lists the most common issues experienced by users of and possible remedies:

The games do not work

If the games do not work, the most likely cause is the lack of a Java plug-in. You can check to see if your browser has a working plug-in at the following URL:

If the URL lists a Java version, then a plug-in is obviously installed. If the above URL brings up a box with an image of a puzzle piece or Lego block, a plug-in is not present and can be installed by clicking on the image. A free Java plug-in can also be downloaded from The URL for manually downloading a Java plug-in follows:

I have installed a Java plug-in, but the games still do not work

If the javatester page results in a window saying “Browser has Java disabled” a plug-in has been installed but is not active. The following page on describes how to enable Java in several browsers:

If changing browser settings does not activate Java, it is possible that a firewall or other security measure might be preventing the browser from running a Java applet. Review your documentation for the installed software to make sure it is not preventing Java plugins from running.

The firefox page about Java reports that the NoScript and AdBlock extensions can also deactivate Java

The status bar does not show the timer or other game information

Microsoft Internet Explorer changed its default settings to disallow Java applets from updating the status bar. The following URL describes the steps needed to enable that option.

The card sizes are too large / small

The game tries to select a card size based on the dimensions of the current browser window, but sometimes this does not produce an optimal layout. The card size can be changed after clicking on the options button. The following URLs will start games with a fixed card size // small // medium // large

I don’t like animated moves / the timer / automatic moves / next card symbols

All the above features can be disabled after clicking on the Options button. The following URLs will start a game with the various options turned off: