Minitrue, a Search / Replace Utility

MiniTrue is a versatile program which combines a fast and powerful search/replace functionality with a full-featured textviewer, enabling quick and efficient browsing, searching and/or modification of a large number of files. MiniTrue can operate interactively and prompt to see if a replacement should be made or it can make all desired substitutions automatically. MiniTrue can also print out matching lines in the manner of the utility grep. If no strings to search for are present, MiniTrue functions like the pager program less.

Version 2.0 offers many improvements over version 1.5. The source has been completely rewritten, making possible ports to Linux and 32-bit DOS which do not suffer from the memory limitations of the original version. Extended regular expressions are supported and much more functionality has been added to the text viewer. Many additional improvements have been made.

This project is currently on hiatus. I want to make some minor changes and try to compile a 32 bit windows version, but those are the only modifications I have the time and motivation to make. Feel free to send any bug reports or suggestions about this program, but I make no guarantee I will act on them.

Jan 7, 2003: Moved to location. The ISP it was previously hosted on went bankrupt.

Download MiniTrue (last updated Dec 21 1999)

Binaries DOS binary (includes 16 and 32 bit versions) (201K)
MiniTrue-2.0.2.i386.tar.gz Linux binary (ELF format for x86) (92K)

Source Code MiniTrue source - DOS format (212K)
MiniTrue-2.0.2.tar.gz MiniTrue source - UNIX format (178K)

Previous Versions

MiniTrue 1.5.1 (DOS 16-bit binary) (66K)