2004 Site Updates

Nov 9 Accordion fixed to no longer throw exceptions when attempting certain moves.
May 26 Dynamic contents (left frame) fixed. Thanks Janice Brackett.
May 25 Build order in Scorpion fixed. Thanks Erin Hemsworth.
May 23 Version 2.3.9
100 games now available. Documentation for the new games will be written when improvements to the help system are finished.

The most noticeable change to existing games is that animated moves should be smoother in modern OSs. Center clicking will move a card from a default source stack to the clicked stack if the OS supports 3 button mice.

Feb 4 Version 2.3.8 Beta release
New (and currently undocumented and not completely finished) game:
House in the Wood

New variations:
Congress (Forty Thieves) Diplomat (Forty Thieves) Double Klondike (Forty Thieves) House on the Hill (House in the Wood) Super Flower Garden(La Belle Lucie) Trefoil (La Belle Lucie)

Also some minor bug fixes to new and existing games.

Jan 22 Version 2.3.7 Beta release
New (and currently undocumented and not completely finished) games:
Baker's Dozen, Bisley, Fortress, Gaps, Grandfather's Clock, Little Spider, Monte Carlo

New variations:
Streets and Alleys (Beleaguered Castle), Chessboard (Fortress), Eight Off (FreeCell), Thumb and Pouch (Klondike), Whitehead (Klondike), Trefoil (La Belle Lucie), Peek (Osmosis), Will o' the Wisp (Spiderette), Russian Solitaire (Yukon)

Many options have been added to existing games

The animations code has been extensively reworked and animations should look better on Windows XP/2000/NT, Linux and Solaris. Unfortunately Windows 95/98/Me will not render more than 20 frames per second (25-30 are needed to appear smooth) regardless of processor and video card speed so it will still appear somewhat jerky on those platforms

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