2002 Site Updates

December 17 Screen captures and some other auxiliary files uploaded for three new games
December 14 Version 2.1.0 First new games in about 18 months: Forty Thieves, Poker and Osmosis Still need to write help file for games and add some options. Some bug fixes, mainly dealing with right clicking.
December 10 Original individual game links redirected to point to new versions. Old versions remain available.
December 8 Marathon #8 completed
December 7 Some HTML files modified. Links and index to fixed size versions provided.
December 6 Replaced all new .class files with class files from version 1.09. Browsers which can handle Java 1.1 should be able to handle jars cabs so they should not need to read unarchived class files. Java 1.0 can read the class files if they cannot handle the archive files.

December 5 Version 2.0.1 Released:

Bug Fixes:

  • Bugs fixed in Accordion, Shamrocks and Spider
  • Fixed cropping tiled and centered card back images after screen has been shrunk

New Features:

  • Added thumbnails page for backgrounds - and button to bring page up
  • Added functionality when button right clicked (new game - start game immediately, undo - restart game, help - show HTML help file)
  • Added version numbers to jar/cab filenames - some browsers cache archives when they shouldn't causing conflicts. This will hopefully fix the problem.
  • Moved card size option to first options page
  • Fill preserves original aspect ratio of image if it expands it

December 3 Released official version 2.0.0 (version number changed from 1.10) The only significant changes from the previous version are some additional background images and using an image, instead of a solid color, for the default background and card back. I got the security signature to work on all computers I could test it on, but have no idea if it will work everywhere. Replaced top left image style with fill. Added page containing all 18 games.

November 22 Released third (and final) 1.10 beta

This version has all the features I want to include. The most notable changes over the previous version is the ability to use background images from the web or a local drive and summaries in the help dialog. If this version doesn't have any bugs, I will make it the official version after I finish updating the help and some other HTML files

November 2 Released second 1.10 beta

This release contains almost all of the improvements I hope to include in version 1.10. The most notable new features of this release (aside from some bug fixes) are:

  • 2 new card sizes
  • Session statistics keeping track of wins, losses & streaks
  • Scoring for Klondike & Canfield
  • Right clicking on a card moves it to its suit stack (if possible and the game has suit stacks.) If moving a card to its suit stack is not possible, right clicking has the original behavior.
  • Right clicking on an empty stack in FreeCell will construct the longest possible stack from one-card stacks in that stack (if a stack with more than one card is possible.)
  • Ability to start a different game from the New Game window
  • Center & top left options for background & card back images
  • Variable border width for card back images
  • Card back image is cropped to have rounded corners

Aside from fixing the remaining bugs and updating the help and other HTML files, the only thing left before officially releasing 1.10 is to try to add a security certificate which will enable using background and card back images from other websites or from local files.

September 8 Released first 1.10 beta featuring variable card sizes and backgrounds

I have been unable to update this site during the previous 13.5 months because I was busy getting my Masters' degree. Thanks for the continued traffic (currently around 6-7000 visitors per weekday, which is probably quite high for a non-porn site which has not been altered in over a year).